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Cloud based problem-driven AutoML tool



Black Fox dramatically simplifies the process of building deployment-ready predictive models. It provides a Cloud based “one click data-in model-out” robust artificial intelligence software solution for automated generation of most adequate predictive model for a given data. Black Fox give professionals the opportunity to dramatically accelerate model’s development, and at a same time provide Citizen data scientists with a powerful tool for producing predictive models.




Is it A or B? Classification is used to predict a category. From marketing to medicine.




How much? Regression is used for predicting a value. Future, or present but unknown.


Time series analysis


Time series analysis is used to identify patterns in time series data.




Black Fox, self-tuning software based on artificial neural networks (ANN) performs genetic algorithm (GA) optimization of all elements of the network with the aim of generating a model that best describes input data. Throughout an evolutionary process, the system automatically performs adjustment of ANN architecture according to a present dataset. In order to obtain optimal solution within a reasonable time frame, Black Fox employs high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure in the Cloud.


For the optimization purposes, the Black Fox relies on OSICE (Optimization as a Service in Cloud Environment). OSICE is our cloud service intended for solving complex optimization problems in the distributed computing environment.